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SOOSUL Ginseng Cream

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SOOSUL Ginseng Cream


This herbal ultra-hydration cream keeps it feeling soft and supple, in which vegetable hyaluronic acid, a type of NMF and various natural extracts moisturize and nourish skin by increasing the moisture level and lowering the heat level in the skin.
The active ingredients from Phellinus linteus mushroom and ginseng are stabilized to exhibit their original effects using the technology of supercritical fluid extraction and multiple liquid crystal emulsion.

Snag-hwang mushroom extract and ginseng 3extract, of which stabilization is very difficult, are stabilized by Multiple Liquid Crystal Emulsion to maintain the efficacy of original ingrdients for long time.
Plant hyaluronic acid, which is a skin-moisturizing ingredient, and various natural extracts improve Suseounghwangang of the skin. It is an ultra-moist oriental herb cream with rich and moist feeling, and provides moisture-holding capacity and nutrition.


  • It’s anti-aging night cream
  • Apply a proper amount all over the face after using Soosul skin(emulsion, essence, eye cream), and pat gently from chin to forhead with massaging motions to help absorption.



  • 15% of highly concentrated natural Phellinus linteus mushroom extract



- Main Ingredients


  • Phellinus linteus mushroom extract / Macadamia seed oil / Squalene / Lecithin / Chamomile flower extract
  • Cucumber extract / Extract of pine sprouts / Hyaluronic acid derivatives / Sunflower seed oil / Allantoin
  • Tocopherol derivatives / Green gram extract / Angelica dahurica root extract / Rhizoma bletillae extract
  • Trichosanthes root extract / Pogostemon cablin leaf extract / Raspberry extract / Milkvetch root extract / Calendula flower extract and etc.


- Content: 60ml


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SOOSUL Ginseng Cream