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SOOSUL Hydrogel Essential Mask

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SOOSUL Hydrogel Essential Mask


This mask of new concept has good feeling of use since hydrogel formulation with excellent affinity is included in gel status.


  • Open this product, take the sheet and remove the film from it.
  • Then attach the mask evenly to the face after fitting the mask to eye area based on eye shape.
  • And then remove the mask after taking a break for 20~30 minutes



  • This product is made of raw materials from ginseng snail farm of Keumsan and remarkable efficacy of Phellinus Linteus mushroom in Korea



  • Containing snail slime filtrate (250mg)
  • Organic Phellinus Linteus mushroom extract included (25mg)

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SOOSUL Hydrogel Essential Mask